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Bible Format: Double or Single Column

I was talking with another missionary this week and he said that he does not like the double columns that most Bibles are printed with. I had never really thought about it, but I didn’t think I minded double columns. I do know one major advantage to a double column layout: it is easier to skim through verses looking for specific words.

The biggest reason I had never even thought about single or double columns is I have never owned a single-column Bible. The few that I have seen have been formatted into paragraphs instead of in verse division. The verse numbers are still displayed along with the verse, but less obtrusive. But I had never actually read from a Bible formatted this way. At least, until yesterday.

My friend sent me a digital copy of the Bible that is formatted into a single column with a paragraph layout. It is surprisingly easy to read. Because the paragraphs are not only indented, but have extra space between them, it makes it easy to see what goes together. It makes much less sense to snatch a verse out of the middle of a paragraph. I would think this would cause you to at least consider more diligently the context of a verse before pulling it out and using it as if it stood alone.

What’s your thoughts? Have you ever read a Bible that uses paragraph formatting and single columns? Which do you find easier to read?

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