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Do You Have a Story?

Books on shelvesTonight at church the guest speaker was talking about various people in the Bible who had an encounter with Jesus. There was the Maniac of Gadara and the Woman at the Well. There were 10 lepers healed by the Lord. There are many stories in the Bible that can be named where people’s lives were changed because of the Lord.

The question the speaker asked tonight was, “Do you have a story?” Has your life been changed because of what Jesus Christ has done for you? The question is not whether you have chosen Christ because you want a better life. Nor is it that you want Jesus because you see other Christians prospering financially. But, have you been changed because of the salvation that comes through the Lord? Have your sins been forgiven?

If you have been changed, then share your story. The reason we get excited about some of the stories in the Bible is because we see real people who have had a life altering experience because of their salvation. If you have accepted the Lord, then you have a life-changing story to tell as well. Share it with others. Tell them how God has given you a story to tell just like the people we read about in the Bible.

Are you still looking for this life-changing experience? Learn about Jesus Christ and His salvation.

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most of my life in christian churches and ministries believing i was saved,filled with his spirit over 15 years. I was living a lie. the true Spirit of God came on my flesh and revealed after 15 years in christian ministries and believing in God that I was not filled with his Sprit, not saved/born again, false tongues, and had numerous demons and one devil in me. How could I have been ministering side by side with many well known ministers are anointed of God and they did not detect I was in darkness? When you have the true anointing of the Holy Spirit you will know all things in truth! I do now! No man will need to teach you. The true Creator thru his only son pulled me out of the ways from churches and ministries of this world. they are all greatly deceived by the god of this world. the mystery of babylon the great all (churches of world). mystery of iniquity which is the great city in the spirit realm reigns above the kings(all church leaders) of earth. A spiritual blood bath of many believers including all slain on the earth. I have a 9 page testimony that I am a witness in True power of the Holy Spirit that I saw Satan in spiritual relam ruling all church leaders of the world and gathering a great many deceived followers down road of destruction. 2thes2:3,4
come out! Revealtion 18:4

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