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Feeding 5000 in the Midst of Doubters

The story of the feeding of the 5000 in John 6 shows Jesus accomplishing His purpose even though the disciples had their doubts. Philip and Andrew were the spokesmen for the group in this story. One doubted that there was enough money to accomplish the task and the other doubted that there were enough laborers. However, there was one little boy who gave all he had and simply trusted the Lord.

Philip Doubted There Was Enough Money

In verse 5 Jesus asked Philip how they were going to buy enough bread for the crowd that had gathered. The question wasn’t because Jesus was worried about the outcome. We are told in verse 6 that Jesus asked because He wanted to test Philip to see how he would answer. Jesus already knew what He would do.

Philip said that there was not enough money to feed the crowd. I imagine there wasn’t even a corner bakery to buy bread. A few verses earlier the Bible says that Jesus and the disciples had gone up to a mountain. If they weren’t in a city then it was unlikely that there would have been a place where they could buy bread for 5000 people.

Andrew Doubted There Were Enough Workers

BreadThere was one little boy who had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. They needed more people with more resources to accomplish the task. Andrew asks the question in verse 9, “what are they [the loaves and fish] among so many?”

Can you imagine Andrew walking up to Jesus? He was probably embarrassed with what he had to say. “Um, Jesus. This probably sounds a little silly considering there are 5000 people here. But, this little boy says he has a couple of fish and some bread. He’s willing to give it to you if you think it will help.”

The Little Boy Offered His Resources to the Lord

The Lord had the disciples get the people seated. Then He took the loaves and fish and thanked God for them.

Everyone ate until they were full and the disciples gathered up the remains. While they started with just a few loaves, the Bible says that they gathered 12 baskets full of remains (verse 13). I can’t tell you if they were little bread baskets or big containers, but what I do know is that there were 12 of these baskets full of unused bread. The Lord took the few resources and multiplied them to be more than sufficient.

What Task Do You Doubt the Lord in Today?

God can work great miracles. In this story He chose to do it via a few loaves of bread and some fish. While Jesus did not need to depend on what the little boy could provide, He did in this case. Are you the one God could work a miracle through? Are you willing to give your lunch to the Lord and allow Him to accomplish His purposes in the world? Does the task seem too large for your small donation to make a difference? How about you just hand it over to God and let Him do with it what He pleases.

What resources do you have that you could surrender to the Lord’s control? It might be $5 or some skill that you possess. You may not consider it to be such a big thing compared to the task of sharing God’s Word with the world. Hand it over to God and let Him decide what value it might have.

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