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It’s About the Resurrection

Tonight I was talking with a Catholic friend who is very curious about my “religion.” She wanted to know what we do for Semana Santa (Holy Week) to celebrate Easter. At her church they have a special celebration on Palm Sunday and then throughout the week they have various displays and dioramas depicting the final week of Jesus.

I told her that we usually don’t celebrate the Passion Week with as much¬†pageantry¬†as the Catholic church does. Resurrection Sunday is where we place all the emphasis. The fact that Jesus rose from the dead and lives today is the focal point of all we celebrate in Christianity.

She is coming to our church’s Easter play tomorrow night in which we emphasize a Savior who came to the world for the sole purpose of dying on a cross in the place of sinners. Though Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us, He rose again to assure us of an eternal life in the presence of God the Father.

For us, it’s all about the resurrection.

Happy Easter!

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