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Maps for Every Chapter in the Bible

Have you ever wondered where the places were on the map that the Bible talks about? There is a website called Bible Geocoding that maps out each place name on Google Earth according to where they appear in the Bible. For example, if you are reading Luke 2 you can look up that chapter on the website and it will place all the locations mentioned in the chapter on a map.

Ideally you would use Google Earth to look up the place names. This is because you have so much more control of what you can do with the information. There is also more information that is available while using Google Earth. However, you can also view the information on the satellite view of Google Maps by clicking the ‘preview’ link beside the chapter you are reading.

It is a nice tool to help you get an idea of where certain events took place in the Bible. Of course you could look up each place name on your own while you are reading. However, using this tool gives you a chance to pull up a whole chapter’s worth of places at a time and you can glance at the map while reading your Bible text.

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