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Sin, Judgment and Repentance

I just finished reading the book of Judges which is typified with the cycle of the Children of Israel falling into sin. They are punished by God through another nation or judge. The people then repent and find deliverance. Yet, they fall back into sin once again.

The final verse of the book, Judges 21:25, gives a summary of the problem.

In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

The Israelites are typical of people throughout the ages. We want to do what is right in our own way of thinking.

Rightness and wrongness are not determined by our feelings or opinions. It is determined by God’s Word.

In the book of Judges the people did not just do wrong to rebel against God; they justified their actions. What about us today? Are we trying to justify our actions by our own thinking? You may not think that you are going against God and His Word, but any time you think your situation justifies your disobedience to the Bible, then you are falling into the same trap of sin that the Children of Israel fell into. According to the cycle in the book of Judges, the next step in your life is judgment. Consider carefully how you proceed from here.

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