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Is There a Thai Translation of the Bible?

A lady in our community is from Thailand. She recently got saved and visited our church today. She has been hungry for the Word of God, but does not read English very well. She had wondered if there was a Thai translation of the Bible.

We had another visitor in our church this morning too. It was Rene Freret the director of BEAMS (Bible Education And Missionary Service). BEAMS works to distribute Bibles through missionaries into over 100 countries. They distribute more than 10,000 Bibles each month. Bro. Freret did not have a meeting this morning and was traveling from Pennsylvania to Mississippi. He dropped by the church just to spend the morning with us.

Someone sensitive to God’s leading realized that Bro. Freret and this lady from Thailand visiting on the same day might not be a coincidence and decided to put the two together. As only God could have planned, Bro. Freret was carrying one Thai Bible in his truck. He gladly went and got it so that this young Christian lady could have a Bible in her own language.

What a blessing to see God’s providential hand working in our service this morning.

By dpeach

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