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One Big Decision Takes Care of Many Small Ones

Recently in Sunday School we were talking about decision making. The passage we were studying was the book of Ruth. Elimelech and his family made a poor decision to leave Israel during a famine and move to Moab. They were plagued with many problems and the end result was that Elimelech’s widow finally returned to be with her people where she should have been all along.

We talked about making large decisions that impact all the smaller decisions we have to make in life. A practical illustration was given that makes this clearer.

Where do you want to eat?

A husband and wife decide they want to go out to dinner. They can’t make decide where to go, but they get in the car and drive down to the end of the street. They could go left or right depending on which restaurant they want to eat at. Because they did not make a decision as to where to eat before they left the house, they now have to make a smaller, yet important decision. At this point in the trip they could make one decision and drive right to the restaurant. Instead, they make the decision to drive to the right and see which restaurants appeal to them when they get there. Again, they are faced with choosing between 5 or 10 options. At each light and intersection they are still trying to decide.

Do you ever feel like your life is just like that car ride? You can solve all the little decisions by making one big one.

If the couple had decided to go to Restaurant A from the very beginning then they could have driven there without agonizing over ever turn, stop sign and traffic light.

What big decisions can you make today?

When you are making decisions in your life, you should take care to make large, over-arching decisions that will make the many smaller decisions easier. If you decide that you will reflect Christ in the things you do as an individual or family, then that automatically decides for you the many things that you won’t do. You don’t have to decide each time a question comes up–your decision is already made to glorify God.

Some families have to decide each weekend if they are going to go to church, stay at home on Sunday or engage in some other activity. The weekly decisions take care of themselves if you make one large decision that you will always be at church on Sunday morning.

There are many such decisions in life.

Make the big ones and the little ones will be much easier.

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