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Statements of Christ on the Cross: Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit:

—Luke 23:46

Because the timeline of the events on the cross is a compilation of the various accounts by the four Gospel writers, it is uncertain whether this one or “it is finished” was the last statement of Christ on the cross. Either way, Christ has now come to the point where He addresses God as Father once again, and not as a God who has forsaken Him.

Jesus on the CrossThe word commend is an entrusting or depositing of one’s resources into the care of another. It carries with it the idea of a¬†voluntary¬†surrender of something to someone else. In the Bible it is more often translated “set before” as in to place food in front of someone for their use. Jesus was handing over His spirit to the Father’s complete control.

As the Son of God, Jesus had complete confidence in what lay before Him. There was no fear of death. He had even said before that no one could take His life from Him; He freely laid it down (John 10:18). In that same verse He says that He has the power to take it up His life again. His assurance in death was that He and His Father were in complete control of the events.

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