Book Review

Union and Communion – Hudson Taylor

Union and Communion book coverI picked up Union and Communion for free at Amazon. It is Hudson Taylor’s comments on the book of Song of Solomon. This is the Kindle version, but even if you don’t have a Kindle reader you can read the book on your computer, iPhone or Android phone (as well as a few other platforms).

I am about half-way through the book. These comments aren’t meant to be a formal review of the book since I haven’t even finished it, but I wanted to just point out something and encourage you to pick up the book if you are so inclined. With it being free and short, you can form your own opinions.

I appreciate that he takes the reader through the verses and explains who is speaking in each part. Sometimes that is confusing with the Song of Solomon. Apparently his conclusions on who the speaker is is different from other interpretations at times because he says as much. I personally don’t have any strong opinions of who says which phrase.

However, the book bothers me. He interprets every word as if it has some hidden “deeper” meaning. He can’t take anything at face value. I realize the book is an illustration of our relationship with the Lord, but he seems to interpret it all in an eerie way. Anyone else feel this way? Or am I just kooky?

The book is free, short and easy to read. The half of the book I have read so far I was able to read on two short bus trips yesterday. So you don’t have to feel like you are wasting a lot of time reading it. Besides, it may be the excuse you finally need to install the Kindle software on your computer. Or, go out and buy a Kindle so you can load it up with 3,500 free books like this one.