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Christian Missionary Training Programs

Do you feel God’s call in your life to be a missionary? Have you considered where you should go to get the specialized training you need? One thing that is sorely lacking in many new missionaries’ lives is the training that they should have before embarking on their journey.

Here are a few different training schools and program suggestions for missionary training. There are also some general guidelines that will help you in choosing the right places to look.


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I always recommend that people first talk with their pastor and let him know that they are considering missionary work. Your pastor will give you specific recommendations based on what he knows about your personality and character. Most pastors will be thrilled to know that God has called you into the ministry. However, some know that this means they will be losing a good worker in the church. Pastors know they should encourage you, but also be sympathetic that your announcement may be difficult for them at first.

Your pastor can tell you about Bible schools and training sessions you would need for missionary work. You pastor will probably recommend that you start by getting a Bible degree. This is important because it is the foundation for all Christian missionary endeavors.

Beyond Bible college, your pastor may not know about other missionary training schools that are available. I trust these suggestions will help you narrow your search as you prepare for the mission field.

Mission Boards

Your pastor should help point you to a mission board that is in line with the doctrine and ministry philosophy of your church. Many mission boards will have some type of training program that they offer to their own missionaries.