I have been writing online for several years but recently started doing more writing on Bible topics. This site is dedicated to Bible related information. These posts will be Bible studies, outlines, character sketches and general articles about the Bible.

Since being called into the ministry at the age of 12, I have sought to serve the Lord and share God’s Word wherever possible. I hope that these lessons can be a help and encouragement to others. At some point I look forward to compiling some of the information on the site into well formatted ebooks that you can easily download. These will make it easy to print out the lessons for use in your personal study or in teaching others. Some of the ebook versions of the lessons will be available free while others will not.

I do not claim to be a Bible scholar. I have been in full-time ministry with my family since 1994 when I graduated from Bible college. Since then I have slowly pursued an advanced degree in the Bible. Eventually I will get the paper that says I passed all my classes. Until then, some of the material shared on this website might actually be nuggets of information I glean while studying for my classes.

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As mentioned above, I don’t claim to be a Bible scholar. I am providing this information in hopes that others will get a passion to study God’s Word. If you disagree with my position on any of the information provided, you are welcome to your beliefs and opinions. I am eager to share my opinions with you and welcome yours. However, because of the religious nature of the website, I reserve the right to close comments on a post or remove comments that I find inappropriate or harmful.

Recommended Books: As a part of the process of providing the information contained within the posts, there are links to many Amazon products. I do receive a commission on the products bought through the affiliate links. It is up to the reader’s discretion as to whether the books and recommended products are necessary.

Not all recommended books are for all levels of spiritual maturity. If you are a new Christian, you may not benefit as much from a book that is written for a more mature believer. I have always been taught that reading books is like eating fish: enjoy the meat but be willing to spit out the bones. If you are unsure as to whether a recommended book or resource is appropriate for your needs you should ask your pastor or send me an email and I will be glad to give you more information about the item if necessary.

Bible Version: I believe that God has preserved His Word in the English language through the King James Version of the Bible. Therefore, as much as possible, I will recommend resources which use the KJV. However, there are times when a recommended resource uses another translation. This goes back to being mature enough to receive benefit from what you are reading, but spitting out the bones.

Other Affiliate Products: Occasionally there may be other affiliate links within the posts. I will do my best to alert you to that fact. But, it is possible that I will put a link into a post without stating specifically that it is an affiliate link. This is not done with intention to deceive the reader. It is more likely that I just forgot. The safest thing to do is assume that any link on the Internet is an affiliate link.

Advertising: There are ads throughout the site. While the ads are a benefit to me, they can also be a great benefit to the reader. Most of the visitors to the website arrive here because of searching for information. Therefore the ads can help the reader find more specifically what they are seeking. Where possible I have tailored the ads to be a benefit to the reader; however, I can’t control every advertisement on the site. Please forgive me if you are offended by one of the ads. I would appreciate if you sent an email alerting me to any inappropriate ads so that I can have them removed.