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Are You “Contento”?

Today I sat in on a Sunday School class that was for 8 to 10 year olds. The teacher was covering the last of the 10 Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Covet. The bulk of the lesson was about being content. Not having an attitude of “I want!” Rather, having one of “I’m content.”

She used an illustration that summed up my own thoughts but in a way that I was not sure how to say.

Heart of desire or contentment
Do you have a "Yo quiero" or "Estoy contento" attitude?

On Christmas morning, or on your birthday, have you ever gotten a gift that you weren’t thrilled about? How about those socks Grandma always gives? Probably as a kid you never thought about how your level of excitement pleased or disappointed your parents. But as adults we understand about giving gifts to people. We want them to be thankful for the gift we gave them.

“Thanks for the soccer ball, Mom. It isn’t the one I wanted, but it will do. It isn’t made out of genuine leather, but it’s okay. It isn’t an official World Cup branded ball, but it will work.” How does mom feel about that? Probably she wants to pack the ball up and take it back to the store.

What about our relationship with God? He is concerned about us. He gives us each day what we need. We certainly receive more from the Lord than we deserve. Yet, we walk out of the house and immediately complain about the weather He sent our way. We complain about the old car we have to drive. We complain that our date nights have to be done from the McDonald’s value menu instead of the steakhouse.

Do you suffer from an attitude of “Yo quiero” (I want). Or, do you have an attitude of “Estoy contento” (I am content). The “yo quiero” attitude breaks the 10th Commandment. At that point, what other commandments are you willing to break in order to get what you want?

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We could use more teaching like that here in the States. I was just discussing with a coworker last week the “me first” attitude the American culture produces. The sad part is that churches aren’t being effective at combating it.

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