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Is there not a cause?

When David went to the front lines to check on his brothers in obedience to his father, he was confronted with the taunting of Goliath. He immediately began to stir up the people around him in 1 Samuel 17 saying that there was a cause for which to fight. Goliath had not done anything personal to David. David’s fight with Goliath was impersonal. What David fought for was a cause. Goliath had made an attack on God and His people. David chose to fight for God’s cause.

In the following chapter of 1 Samuel, Saul began to mount a personal attack against David. He ignored the attack. But God didn’t. God fought on David’s behalf. David was a man who did not fight out of anger or emotion—he fought for causes (at least at this point in his life).

As I sat at lunch today talking with other missionaries we reflected on how important it is to not take confrontation and attacks personally. We need to look at the reason we are on the mission field and fight for the cause. When you start internalizing the frustrations you begin to think that the whole country and culture needs to change to match your perspective of the world. You forget that you are there for a reason. That reason is not to change a country, but to win people for the Lord. As you fight for the right cause you will see the personal attacks as being petty and unnecessary to fight.

Allow God to fight on your behalf when personal attacks come. Your cause is to bring others to Christ.

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