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Is Your Church Teaching the Bible?

I sat listening to the missionary’s testimony in church tonight and was saddened, but not shocked, at his experience at church. He grew up going to Sunday school and church. He continued attending through high school and even after he got married. But eventually he and his wife stopped making church a priority. The soon fell away from church attendance.

Several years passed and they were invited to visit an adult Sunday school class at a Baptist church. That particular weekend they did not have anything to do since they were stuck in a hotel room waiting to move into their new house. Instead of sitting in the hotel they decided to visit that Sunday school class.

Display table with BibleThe missionary said that he learned things that Sunday morning in church and Sunday school that he never knew were in the Bible. He attended church until he was an adult, yet he was never taught, or at least had not learned, what was in God’s Word. He did not say what type of church he grew up in, but it really could be any church.

Many churches teach about the Bible, which is good and necessary, but it is also vitally important that you teach the Bible itself. Don’t teach only the moral to the story without teaching the story. Sadly many people are taught what the Bible is about without learning what is actually in the Bible.

People are hungry for the Word of God. If you will teach it clearly then people will eagerly learn.

Are you in a church that talks about the Bible but never teaches its contents? Talk with your pastor and see if he will help you learn God’s Word. Start reading the Bible yourself.

If you are a teacher in a church, be careful to teach the contents of the Bible. Don’t assume everyone knows the stories. Don’t be guilty of saying, “you know in the story of …” The people you are teaching may not know that story. Take two extra minutes and read the verses in the Bible so that everyone knows what the Bible says. Then you can make your application much more effectively.

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