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Stay by the Stuff

There are some words in the Bible that have always struck me as funny. The Bible uses the word “stuff” several times. Stuff doesn’t strike me as an overly biblical word, but I guess it is since it is used 13 times.

One of my favorite uses of the word stuff is in the story when David and his men went to battle in 1 Samuel 30. Some men had to stay behind because they were too tuckered out to continue the battle (v. 10). At the end of the chapter, after the battle was won, the 400 men who went to battle came back to join the 200 men who stayed by the stuff.

A conflict arose among the men who actually fought in the battle. They wanted to keep all the spoils for themselves. They did not want to share with the men who stayed behind.

David taught a valuable lesson in verses 23 and 24. He said that those who stayed behind and guarded the stuff were just as worthy to receive the rewards as those who fought the battle. His point was that it is not just the guys on the front line who make an army strong. Those who are in the kitchen feeding the troops or making the uniforms are just as critical to the effort.

When I worked in a camping ministry the president of the organization tried to help the 15-year-old high school boys understand that their job was just as important as his job as the preacher. If they didn’t do their job right by serving the food properly, then he could not do his job effectively by trying to preach to disgruntled campers. If the high school boys would see their job as important then they would work the job with the respect it deserved.

Regardless of your position in the service of the Lord, you need to work as if you were the guy fighting the enemy on the front lines. God rewards those who are faithful in their position. Your job as a stuff guarder is just as important as the warrior on the front lines.

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The part that struck me most was the heart of those not wanting to share. Its like stuff was more important than the spirit of giving. Now on this side of Christ its put in our hearts .

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