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Pray for Missionaries to be Sent, Sustained and Successful

I was in a mission conference last week where one of the missionaries gave us a nice outline on how to pray for missionaries. He took Matthew 9:38 as his passage. His main goal was to get us to think about the needs of missionaries and how we should pray for them.

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

Matthew 9:38

Pray for Missionaries to be Sent

  • Not much explanation to that. The point is that God is calling and wanting to send them, but are they willing to go and are they getting the help they need to get there?

Pray for Missionaries to be Sustained

  • Pray for them Physically
  • Pray for them Spiritually
    • That they would hold their personal walk with God to be vitally important
    • That they would preach boldly
    • That they would witness effectively
  • Pray for them Mentally
    • For language studies
    • For legal matters in the country
  • Pray for them Emotionally
    • Particularly in the area of culture shock
  • Pray for the Morally
    • Temptation does not stop when you arrive on the field
  • Pray for the Socially
    • Their relationship to other missionaries
    • Their relationship to government
    • Their relationship to nationals
  • Pray for them Domestically
    • That they would be good parents
    • That they would be good spouses
  • Pray for them Financially

Pray for Missionaries to be Successful

  • Being what God wants them to be
  • Going where God wants them to go
  • Doing what God wants them to do
  • Accomplishing what God expects them to accomplish

I talked about praying for missionaries in another post. I think the different ways we can pray for missionaries is very helpful.

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